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Originally established by veterans who served in Bomber Command in WWII, the New Zealand Bomber Command Association (NZBCA) is an incorporated society dedicated to ensuring that the service of the near six thousand New Zealanders who served in Bomber Command during World War II is not forgotten and to commemorate the almost two thousand Kiwis who did not return.

Today, membership is open to all, and we particularly welcome the descendants of all those who served, as well as others with an interest in keeping their stories alive for future generations.

NZBCA membership supports ours aims of the Association as:

  • Maintaining the memory of NZ Bomber Command long after the last surviving veteran has passed away.

  • Remembering the huge sacrifice of Bomber Command aircrew.

  • Organising regular events to honour RNZAF Bomber Command and its ethos.

  • Fostering interest in later generations of the vital part in NZ history of the formation of RNZAF Bomber Command.

  • Maintaining strong links with museums, memorials and cemeteries which honour Bomber Command.

Today the NZBCA seeks to meet each of these aims while also supporting those remaining veterans in New Zealand. Our aim is not to glorify Bomber Command or war, but to honour service and sacrifice.

NZBCA members receive a quarterly newsletter.


How to Join the NZBCA

Joining NZBCA is straightforward:

1. Complete the attached form and return it to [email protected]

2. Pay the annual membership fee, currently $30.00 to:

NZ Bomber Command Assn

Please ensure that you clearly identify your name as reference.

International members should contact the Treasurer at [email protected] to arrange payment.